"Be A Guest At Your Own Party"


Waitress / Bartenders

We also have available to serve you Waitress/Bartenders for those special occasions where you have a small number of guests. Our staff can prepare and serve drinks as well as ​assist with the serving of food.



Bar List

For those who may need, Party-Mates can supply you with a complete bar list which will include how many bottles of liquor/beer/wine you may need, and hints on mixers, glassware, napkins, etc.

Tip Jars

Unless requested by you--our client--Party-Mates' Bartenders are not allowed a tip jar on the bar.  We do not feel right about obligating your guests to tip our staff. See our Rates page for more information.

Our uniformed bartenders have helped our clients with everything from dinners parties,
large corporate events, chic martini parties to fancy wine tastings.

Depending on your needs, our bartenders will:

•  Set up your bar;      •  Prepare and serve drinks; and      •  Clean up when your event is over.